raccoon rising

Pocket Gamer Silver Award Winner:
“A brilliantly built piece of platforming action”

Touch Arcade Review:
“The combination of vertical platformer and jumping game works a treat. And the core graphics, varied worlds and short re-playabe levels make this game easy to recommend.”


Indie Gaming Magazine Review:
“Raccoon Rising has that “just-one-more-go” feeling to it, but it’s best described as like a really expensive wine – at first it tastes a little off, but in time it opens up and gives you a completely new and fresh experience. Give it a go!”


App Safari Review:
“At $0.99, this is a no-brainer. With hundreds of thousands of apps on the market, it’s not easy to find the high quality games like Raccoon Rising.”



148Apps Review:
“Rebounce is a fast-paced game. Half action, half puzzle, it transforms a simple ball-breaking premise into a devilishly addicting experience. Best of all, it’s extraordinarily cheap.”


Touch Arcade Review“I love the game”
“I just spent the entirety of a two and a half hour flight knocking out marbles with my puck, never finding it turn tedious. Noting that, at a debut sale price of $0.99, ReBounce seems a rather solid bit of iPhone gaming for your dollar.”


The Portable Gamer:
“It is addicting – it has that same great addictive feel of Peggle, but the endless Rush mode, and its action/reflex elements necessary to succeed make the game exciting to play, as well as having the great feel to it.”


“ReBounce is quite simply an amazing game that is truly built for the iPhone, and takes full advantage of its unique capabilities.”


“ReBounce is one of the most fun experiences I’ve had on the iPhone to date, and it truly is a game for anyone anywhere making it a must buy for $1.99.”


doodle dive

148Apps Review:
“… it does a good job at being a fun endless vertical ‘platformer’ …”


“Doodle Dive is a worthy addition to your casual endless game collection which may only consist of Doodle Jump. If you’re a fan of these types of games Doodle Dive well be enjoyable for a long time to come.”

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