Romper Games is a gaming and software service company that provides everything from strategy to implementation. We can provide consulting about the gaming industry and develop a plan for your company to use gaming to expand your footprint and keep customers engaged in your content. One we have a path, we can deliver high quality gaming experiences at low costs. We currently specialize in the iPhone, but have the talent necessary to expand to other platforms.



Proven Process and Expert Project Management

Meet regularly with professional software project managers here in Toronto with experience at Microsoft and Goldman Sachs. Experience brings steering control, regular updates, and accurate estimates ensuring you know where we are in the process and what you are getting each step of the way.

We can bring the best designers to the table or work with your in house design team seamlessly to bring you the best custom experience for the lowest cost.

From Concept to App Store

Romper Apps can help from the early stages of idea brainstorming and development all the way to creating your company’s App Store profile ensuring your app is approved and available for download.

Build a Game to Build the Hype

Trying to reach a younger demographic? Aside from being the best selling apps on the App Store, games will keep people engaged in your content and help spread the word. Games are bringing the viral behaviour of sites like youtube into the App Store and monetizing it.


Unity 3D: High Quality Console Quality 3D for mobile games

Unity 3D is a cross platform game development engine that provides all of the tools necessary to develop high quality 3D mobile titles at low cost and distribute them to all major mobile gaming platforms, as well as downloadable game consoles.

Integrate seamlessly with standard iPhone SDK

Still want to use the standard iPhone look and feel? cocos2d can integrate seamlessly to bring your both the functionality and ease of the standard libraries with power and potential of OpenGL.

What can game technology do for my App?

Smooth transitions, custom animations, maximum interactivity

Using game technology to build your app allows you to take advantage of everything the platform has to offer. Want your menus to parachute in from the top of the screen, or be more subtle with a quick fade in or bounce. You will no longer be limited to the same transitions you see in 90% of the applications. With game technology, even physics can be used to bring life and real world interaction to sometimes sterile menus.

If you can describe it, we can make it happen …


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